YES! Early bird tickets available now for our amazing 2022 Showcase.


Featuring some of the greatest fiddle players and musicians you will ever see on one stage, this event has become a must-see show for Tamworth festival go-ers.

So get in early with the link above and come and say ‘hello’ at our fabulous 2022 showcase.

Hello. We hope that our humble site will become a hub for string players of all styles and levels of ability. Here you will find info on players, teachers, lessons, violin and fiddle makers and of course, our amazing annual awards program and concert.

Yes! That’s right, we have a shop and ‘buy’ purchasing an item (see what I did there…rather subliminal) from the store, you aid us in continuing to help the string playing community and of course expand our venture. Funding is limited in this day and age and we acknowledge your gratitude. Our yearly concert and awards ceremony can also continue.

The Golden Fiddle Awards has been awarding fiddle and violin players along with teachers and people involved in the industry for 2 decades and we are trying to expand into helping find instruments for underprivileged, remote and distant students of stringed instruments.

Mostly under construction, we have however some already established content such as our amazing awards photographic archive and incredibly gallery of images from nearly 20 years of awards showcases