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A Vermont luthier builds a violin for musicians in need

A Vermont luthier builds a violin for musicians in need

About a week ago, Jacob Brillhart began shaping and sanding a 10 pound piece of aged wood into a violin. It’ll take a few weeks before it’s varnished and finished. And he’s live streaming much of the process on his Facebook page.

Vermont luthier Jacob Brillhart is volunteering to build a violin

Vermont luthier Brillhart is volunteering to build a violin this month, as part of an effort to raise money for musicians hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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We now have an online store and new YouTube channel

Thank you for your support over our 15+ years.

We now have an online shop selling mugs and tee-shirts with our fabulous fiddle scroll logo emblazoned across the front. Grab yourself one and buy one as a present for anyone.

Also our YouTube channel is raging. Pop across and view some of our awesome video from over the years at our annual awards showcase in Tamworth.

Keep fiddling now…..

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The worlds best violin and fiddle strings

What are the best violin and fiddle strings out there?

The strings of a violin are the most integral part of the violin, if they are the wrong length or tension your are not going to make good music.

Good quality, however, does not always mean high price tags as there are some good quality strings available for families or those on a budget.

We take a look at the 10 best violin strings that will take your music from ouch to wow.

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Worlds most expensive violins

With their quality and rarity, no one could deny their great value. Expensive violins have rich stories hidden on their wood and strings.

The violin saved from the Titanic….

Many notable virtuosos have laid their hands on these violins, and they continue to pass on to new violinists regularly.

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Meet Richard Tognetti

Lead violinist and artistic director of the Australian Chamber Orchestra – Richard Tognetti.

Richard Tognetti is Artistic Director of the Australian Chamber Orchestra and Lead Violin. He has established an international reputation for his compelling performances and artistic individualism.

Richard began his studies in his home town of Wollongong with William Primrose, then with Alice Waten at the Sydney Conservatorium, and Igor Ozim at the Bern Conservatory, where he was awarded the Tschumi Prize as the top graduate soloist in 1989.

At present he is lead violinist and artistic director of the amazing Australian Chamber Orchestra.

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Could a 12-year-old Australian-Chinese violinist be the next child prodigy?

12yo Christiian Li

12-year-old Australian-Chinese violinist could be the next child prodigy…

Christian Li, a 12-year-old schoolboy violinist from Melbourne, recently became the youngest-ever artist signed by the Decca Classics record label. He will release a new recording later this month, a contemporary adaptation of a traditional Chinese folk tune.

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