Our audience waiting for violin and fiddler performances
Capitol Theatre, Tamworth

GOLDEN FIDDLE AWARDS is an Australian Not-For-Profit organisation. Our basic aim is to award violin and fiddle players for their music and performance but we also wish to promote all string players. We have a broader goal of helping underprivileged, disadvantaged as well as distant and remote living individuals to experience the joy of violin/fiddle music by awarding them their own instrument. Thank you our many supporters and our sponsors.

The coveted Golden Fiddle Award given to violin and fiddle performers at our showcase
Golden Fiddle Award

The Awards have been in place for over 15+ years now and have become a major event at the annual Tamworth Country Music Festival for violin and fiddle players alike. Find out more about them and who has won over the many years of this showcased award. For more info please contact us or become member for membership benefits such as discounted tickets to our shows and special CD releases.

Golden Fiddle Award Chairman - violin and fiddle showcase
The annual address

To find out more about the people involved with us please visit our About page. Many famous violin and fiddle players have been members of our board over the years and the current board is working hard to keep the string community up to date with whats going on around the globe and of course to award the lucky few.

Warren H Wiliams at violin and fiddle showcase for the Golden Fiddle Awards
Warren H Williams

Our 15+ years of historic Golden Fiddle Awards showcases with many famous special guests can be relived through our fantastic gallery with an extensive collection of images over the decade and a half. Also don’t forget to check our YouTube video’s as well for great vids of our many violin and fiddle showcases.


Wanting to find out more? Please send us an email from our contacts page or think of becoming a member through our membership form. remember: membership has its privileges even if you’re not a violin or fiddle player.

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