Tickets are available now for our massive 2024 showcase back at our normal venue in Tamworth during January’s festival.

Get your tickets now by going to https://entertainmentvenues.com.au/the-golden-fiddle-awards or any festival box office.

Can’t wait to see you all at the 2024 Golden Fiddle Awards Showcase.


We are back at our normal venue – The Capitol Theatre. Get your tickets now for the 2024 GFA Showcase. It’s sure to be a highlight of the 2024 Tamworth Country music Festival.


Sad passing of a fiddling icon

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It is with great sorrow we announce the passing of a fiddling icon, especially to country and bluegrass fans here in Australia and New Zealand.

Colleen Trenwith, along with her husband Paul, were founding members of world famous NZ outfit ‘The Hamilton County Bluegrass Band’ but here in Australia, they were best known for their performances and recordings with the legendary Slim Dusty.

Over the last decade or so she has been a much loved teacher of fiddle at the East Tennessee State University.

Trenwith, 74, passed away January 24, 2021, at her home in New Zealand, after a short battle with pancreatic cancer.

Rest in Peace

Source: Bluegrass Today

Stormer Music interview with Pixie Jenkins for the GFA’s

Millie / Stormer Music
Young Millie interviewing the GFA’s Pixie Jenkins for Stormer Music

In early December Pixie Jenkins was interviewed for Stormer Music by the gorgeous young violinist Millie.

Stormer Music have been teaching and providing core support for young musicians for quite some time now and they are on a mission to “Inspire, Empower, Showcase & Celebrate Australian Musicians”.

Stormer recently brought one of their young students along to interview Pixie at his show in Windsor.

Check out the video on Facebook here: https://fb.watch/2KHyoECz-2/ and visit Stormer Music’s website at www.stormermusic.com.au.

GoFundMe Campaign is up and running….


The GOLDEN FIDDLE AWARDS mission is to administer the first national awards system for string players embracing all musical styles for players, composers and teachers of classical, folk, rock, jazz, punk, Celtic, country, alternative and bluegrass.

We have brought smiles to thousands of faces, created some beautiful musical moments and awarded some brilliant fiddlers and violinists with our unique ‘crystal’ fiddle scroll trophy.  All archived on our website at www.goldenfiddleawards.org.au

However, after almost 2 decades of little funding past our single awards concert during the annual Tamworth Country Music Festival, we wanted to expand; we wanted to do more as outlined below.

*  Free online fiddle lessons for beginners (more advanced optional)
*  A free PDF for beginners to accompany their online lessons
*  A searchable database of teachers Australia wide
*  A searchable database of fiddlers Australia wide
*  A searchable database of violinists Australia wide

(A SE QLD teachers DB demo version is available on the site after registering)

Then came COVID19.  This insidious virus has regrettably caused the cancellation of our aforementioned single funding event.

With the wealth of knowledge we have gained over almost 2 decades and with world class musicians at hand we still intended to expand our footprint during 2021, this can only be done, of course, by networking.  We need to send our representatives to various connected events to garner support and possibly more funding for what we wish to do.

One of our new ventures, as an example, will be to give donated violins to under-privileged, distant and remote children.  With internet being available, we can then teach them remotely via lessons on our site.

All of this requires funds, hence this quest.  We need to supplement the income from our January concert loss to even begin to make a move towards our intended new goals as outlined above.

Any donation above $100 will get a free LIVE CD of some of the amazing music.


Composer Shirley Thompson on the black composers who changed classical music forever

As part of the BBC programme Black Classical Music: The Forgotten History, composer Shirley Thompson celebrates the rich history of classical music by black composers

Shirley Thompson celebrates the rich history of classical music by black composers

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ASU faculty awarded patent for shoulder rest that lets violinists feel the sound

Instructor and violinist Seth Thorn playing his hybrid violin in the iStage, School of Arts, Media and Engineering, Arizona State University. Photo courtesy of Seth Thorn.

“Lots of violinists use a shoulder rest to ease strain on their neck when playing,” he said. “When I realised I could add some small transducers to it to make you actually feel the digital sound you’re hearing, it completely transformed my practice — a real ‘eureka’ moment for me that has brought lots of joyful playing”.

ASU Skysong Innovations is helping to market the device to a variety of sound and music industry parties.

WATCH: View a full demonstration of the hybrid-feedback shoulder rest.

Read more about this innovation ….

Old v New: Can a new instrument be as good if not better than one made hundreds of years ago?

Luthier Joseph Curtin Leads the Violin World’s Politest Revolution

Researchers have found talented soloists unable to reliably distinguish new instruments from centuries-old masterpieces.

Luthier Joseph Curtin leads the violin world’s politest revolution. He and several fellow scientists have published a series of scientific papers that have grabbed media headlines and delighted makers who think new violins don’t get the credit they deserve.

For years, Joseph has been deeply involved in provocative experiments pitting new violins against old Italian instruments. Using smoked goggles and cloth screens, double-blind studies run by Curtin, French scientist Claudia Fritz, and other researchers have found talented soloists unable to reliably distinguish new instruments from centuries-old masterpieces.

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15 Best Violin Brands for Beginner & Intermediate Students in 2020

15 Best Violin Brands for Beginner & Intermediate Students for 2020

This article includes fifteen best violin brands for beginner, intermediate or advanced players, as well as violin reviews of some of the best student models on the market.

The staff at Consordini.com have created a guide to help you, whether you are a beginner violinist or an intermediate one, taking into consideration the affordability and quality of violins.

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The Golden Fiddle Awards Board of Directors have announced the cancellation of the January 2021 show in Tamworth.

This week Barry Harley from the Tamworth Regional Council said “the council is withdrawing all its festival shows and support due to COVID19 social distancing requirements and this has led to the cancellation of our event.

We apologise for any inconvenience but wish all our followers a safe journey through this trying time and with hope will see you all in 2022 in a much better world.